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Improvements for aging family members

The oldest baby boomers are now beyond the conventional age of retirement. Is your loved one's home updated to suit their needs? Aging in place is no longer a movement but a lifestyle.Our senior loved ones want to live in the home of their choice as long as possible — hopefully the rest of their lives.For some seniors it may mean living in a home that isn’t suited to the needs of an aging adult, putting them at risk.Adjustments or even renovations may be needed to enable them to live safely in their homes, which could be aging around them and falling into disrepair.Most homes simply won’t accommodate needs such as wheelchair access or senior shower time unless built with the needs of senior adults in mind.Home renovation once was done primarily to improve resale value or upgrade features of a home but now it is fast becoming a means for seniors to remain in their homes safer and longer.

Renovation Statistics

A recent report from Home Advisor found that seniors wishing to age in place completed the following renovations:

  • 76% added grab bars to one or more rooms in the home

  • 64% added a ramp to the home’s entrance

  • 44% widened doorways

  • 35% added a bathroom on the home’s first floor

  • 30% added lever handles on doors

Repair & Renovation

In order for your senior to age in place in their current home, they may need to consider potential repairs and improvements.

  • Is their house safe for them to live without injury or illness?

Are the floors strong, the windows sealed, the front porch steps secure, the temperature controlled, is it free of mold or radon, the stair treads secure or other maintenance issues?

  • Is there adequate lighting to prevent accidents?

Are there wayfinding lights so that they can find their way to the bathroom at night? Is there enough light in the hallway or closets to avoid tripping? Is there enough footlight in the living area or kitchen to light tasks? Is there a porch light or light in the yard to see in the dark when coming and going or checking for intruders?

  • Do they have stairs that they will no longer be able to climb just to get to bed at night or to the bathroom?

Will they have to be able to climb stairways to get to bed at night or the bathroom or to do the laundry? What happens when they have mobility issues and can’t climb stairs? Is there a step into the house or to the garage? There are many questions to be asked and answered when it comes to your loved one(s). Call Nor'Easter Carpentry today to get started on making those much needed improvements so that your family members can age in place. 603-509-8770

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